Thursday 13 February 2020

November St Albans Smackdown with Ikari

Back in November, I headed over to St Albans for the St Albans Smackdown Infinity tournament. I decided to run Ikari as they'd happened to come back from my commission painter just before the tournament.

First up was Countermeasures, and I got drawn against WarCorChris, who is running Shasvastii at the moment. I opened up by hailing Yuan Yuan down onto him, which caused the odd model to reveal itself to stop them, but they sadly failed to take down the Total Reaction remote who was their primary target.

I also tried using a Druze Haris against the remote, and they also failed. Someone eventually got it down, though.

My Lieutenant was hiding on a roof with a Speculo Killer hiding away inside the building. I ended up throwing a Krakot at it after discovering it. Sadly, he wasn't able to get the job done but did leave the Speculo tied up in combat with him.

In the Shasvastii turn, down came a bunch of Cadmus decoys, which did not fill me with joy.

The Cadmus managed to deal with the Krakot, then got a boarding shotgun down the line of all the other models hiding behind the wall.

The Speculo then dismantled my support models, taking out my doctor under smoke...

The Speculo then made it over to my Lieutenant and took them out, and I never really recovered. WarCorChris ended up pulling a 6 - 1 win, and deservedly so.

Next game, I was up against kaizer82, who is also part of HATE. He was running his US Ariadna, and we had Decapitation as a mission. My main plan at this point was to simply throw Yuan Yuans at his Lieutenant until it died.

His Lieutenant was hidden up a tower in the top right corner, so I had very little other than the Yuan Yuans that had a chance of getting to it.

I kept one of my bikes right at the back so it didn't rush out and die straight away.

The Yuan Yuan made their drop, managed to cause some chaos, but didn't survive long enough to get to the Lieutenant due to the overlapping field of fire.

I then took a counter attack from Van Zandt. He caused a little damage before being taken down. I then ended up bouncing off the Ariadnan firepower, and just couldn't make a dent. Kaizer82 ended up getting a comfortable 5 - 0 win.

So, final game and I was facing another HATE player - Aravar, who was running his Tohaa. It was a nice simple Quadrant Control game, and I was hoping to just get one win to try and regain some self respect.

I hid a ninja on the right hand flank in the hope of keeping it hidden for as long as possible.

The Yuan Yuan all died pretty quickly, but one at least managed to cause some damage on the way through.

Sadly, I never really managed to get the board control away from the Tohaa, but the man of the match (battle?) has to go to my Haris Druze Datatracker, who murdered an obscene number of Tohaa on his own, mostly in ARO. In the end, he didn't make it, and the final score was a solid 10-1 to Aravar.

So, maybe taking a faction you have literally never played and don't have several key models for isn't a bright idea. I was also thoroughly outplayed by excellent opponents. In the end, my three thorough drubbings left me holding the Wooden Spoon for the tournament. Despite that, it was a lovely weekend and I'd always recommend the St Albans Smackdown tournaments to any Infinity player.


  1. ....So.... Are you going to add those missing assets into the army ? Did you learn what to do/what not to do next time ?

    Am I encouraging you to give your secrets away ?

    1. Not a secret! There's a unit called Tanko Zensenbutai who are needed to make up the majority of the fire teams, an attack unit called Wu Ming, and support robots called Karakuri.

      And really, it's just about getting some practice in with the army and learning how it works. Infinity is a very unforgiving game, and if you use a unit for the wrong thing it can often cost you the game!