Thursday 20 February 2020

Malifaux Slow Grow League Game 2

I headed down to Dark Sphere again for another game in the Malifaux Slow Grow League. This time, the Soul Stone limit was set to 40, and from the two options available, we drew the strategy "Reckoning", where you score points for killing enemy models, and the schemes "Power Ritual", "Take Prisoner" and "Claim Jump". Power Ritual requires you to put markers down in the corners, Claim Jump requires you to have models near the centre, and Take Prisoner requires you to have models standing near enemy models.

My opponent was running Perdita, a Guild crew with lots of shooting. I'm still running the Viktorias, who run at things and stab them. Broadly, most of this game would come down to whether or not the Viktorias' charge landed - if they were shot down before I got there I'd probably lose, if they were both alive when I hit the Guild's big hitters, I'd probably win.

I did not trust my activation control in any way to score Take Prisoner, so I selected the other two. With a corner deployment, I sent one Desperate Mercenary off to one corner, and a Desperate Mercenary to the other, this time accompanied by Bishop to beat up anyone who got in their way.

In the middle, I got the Student of Conflict set up with a scheme marker behind Taelor. The Student has an ability that allows her to remove a nearby scheme marker to grant another model fast.

Perdita came forward and shot Big Jake off the table. He was standing in that gap where there isn't a model any more . . .

I had two choices with the Viktorias. I could either slingshot one of them up the table, get into combat with Perdita and get maybe one hit off, or I could go a little slower, focus, and try and weather the shooting. I realised after the game that I missed an opportunity to put "Shielded" conditions on the Viks as they moved, which would also have probably helped.

Perdita sensibly focused her fire on one of the Viks and shot her down. Life definitely just got harder.

The other Viktoria shot into Perdita and caused some damage, but the Proxy snuck in behind her - if he's killed, the model doing it takes a huge amount of damage, and it did risk killing Vik if she landed the blow.

Bishop handily took out the model that the Guild were sending to score the corner.

Taelor took the job of smushing the Proxy, then headed in further to try and take out Perdita, who wisely legged it.

I tried to push into the centre, but the surviving Guild were tougher and shootier.

I did at least get some a marker down in a corner, but it wasn't really enough.

In the end, I got gunned down and lost thoroughly. I was 5-2 down overall. All in all, it was a fun learning game and I felt like I was starting to get a bit of a handle on what some of the crew can do. I definitely want to get more games of Malifaux in!

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