Monday 3 February 2020

Warmongers Twitter Meet Up

On Saturday, I headed down to Dark Sphere Shepherd's Bush for a meet up for the Warmongers twitter community. This is just a nice bunch of hobbyists on Twitter who post stuff with #Warmongers to make it easier to find other good hobbyists.

It was set up by the lovely Stormgrad. The original plan was for there to be some gaming and some painting, and then without any real planning pretty much everyone turned up with stuff to paint. You can see a lovely picture of some of the attendees on his Twitter.

While I was procrastinating painting my Shasvastii, I got this delightful scarecrow finished up. I originally got him from JoeK minis, but I don't think he's for sale any more. Anyhow - having gotten him to this stage I asked attendee @nerodine for some suggestions for what to spend a few more minutes on...

And this was the result! I added some glowing eyes in a new colour, and dropped an edge highlight in on the sack-cloth hood to give it a bit better definition. I also manually picked out the fastenings on the jacket, but I took the first photo after I'd done that, so you won't spot the difference...

Sometimes, a second pair of eyes and a little feedback is what you need to get your model to pop.

And finally, I got a bunch more progress on the Shasvastii Nox Troopers. Neither were finished, and I was planning on hitting them Sunday to tidy them up and finish, but I got a massive attack of going splat in a small heap because dealing with humans is hard - and my shoulders are killing me today. I think I need to work on my painting posture!

It's also a new month, so lets check in on the targets as of the month end (the Saturday was 1 February, so that counts to this month).

Painted Models: 1
Commission Painted Models: 15
Purchased Models: 3

I have not bought more than I painted! This is excellent. (I'm also trying to make sure that I don't buy more stuff for me to paint than I've painted myself, but that's more a sensible guideline than a rule.)

I'm aiming to get 60 models painted myself this year, and I'm behind the curve on where I need to be for this, but I did know going into January that it would be a very busy month for my other hobby, so I'm not too concerned about being a little behind at this stage.

The Shelf of Shame isn't looking great either, but it's not unmanageable. I'm not beating myself up at this stage as I only have one "as I go" goal, and that's the purchasing restrictions, which aren't doing too badly right now.

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