Wednesday 22 April 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday: Bad Squiddo Games

In between my bigger projects, I picked up an assortment of recent miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games to paint up.

These are a champion and standard bearer from the Amazons range. I originally picked up their Kickstarter, but these models came out since.

Most of them are single piece, and came with an integral metal base. You can still see it here where I've not built up the basing texture smoothly enough. I'll get that corrected before I get her painted. This model is a berserker, also from the Amazon range.

These two are Amazon princesses, but they would work well as fantasy civilians in a lot of settings. There was only minimal mould lines, and hardly any clean up was needed. The castings were really high quality.

The beer maiden and scholar were released around the same time and I picked them up as well. There's been a few miniatures that have come out since these ones. Sadly, those ones will have to wait, because lockdown and my wife being allergic to the nickel in metal miniatures means I won't be able to get any more assembly done until I've got somewhere outside the flat to do assembly.

Here's "Secret Agent Annie" - a model that hasn't come out yet but was included as a freebie with my order. She's from the recent Women of World War II Kickstarter that Bad Squiddo completed. Those pledges are currently being fulfilled, despite global pandemics, and I'm expecting mine through soon...

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