Thursday 7 May 2020

Infinity Code One Battle Report - Supplies: Combined Army vs Yu Jing (Tabletop Simulator)

Corvus Belli recently released "Code One", a simpler set of rules for Infinity to help people get into the game in a more accessible way. They've made four armies available with these rules to start off with, based on the two most recent introductory sets. The rules are available to download for free, and there's an online army builder as well.

Experienced players have been looking at Code One thoughtfully because we know that the fourth edition of Infinity is coming in August 2020. Code One has been written with fourth edition (N4) in mind, so we expect quite a few of the rules changes to similarly apply to N4.

To see how it played, we decided to have a friendly game of Supplies using Tabletop Simulator. I took Combined Army, while my opponent brought Yu Jing. We chose to play the game at 30 points.

I took the forward deploying version of Ko Dali, and sent her hunting camouflage markers. The first target was a Guilang Skirmisher. It turned out to be a Hacker, and used an ARO action as Ko Dali approached to Spotlight her. The extra bonus proved super useful as the Guilang crit Ko Dali and killed her stone dead.

Total Reaction Remotes turn out to be really rather good. I advanced mine onto a side building and shot down one of the Yu Jing ARO pieces (I think a Ye Mao Missile Launcher).

Then came the Yu Jing first turn. A Tiger Soldier Spitfire arrived in a rather inconvenient spot. He shot Umbra Samaritan Nourkias in the back, then started heading down the back line, destroying Slave Drone on the way!

The rampage comes to a sudden halt when a combi rifle remote gets a lucky hit, while the Gwailo manages to only take a single wound from having been shot in the back.

The Malignos Hacker murders a Guilang dead, then grabs a box and runs away.

Meanwhile the Guilang in the centre grabs a box and bundles back into the building. I send Agent Dukash to run and try and take it back but I don't quite have the orders left and he can't quite make it.

The new Yu Jing spec op then runs up, stabs up my Malignos and grabs the box back, securing a Yu Jing win.

I had a ton of fun with this. I've got a lot of thoughts about Code One that I'll try and sort into coherent order at some point in the future.

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