Monday 11 May 2020

Painting Progress: Awesome Amazons

I'm pleased to report I've finished two of the Bad Squiddo Games Amazons. These two are sold as Amazon Princesses. I used a couple of Gamer's Grass tufts to liven up the bases, too. (Annie at Bad Squiddo also stocks the tufts.)

These models are about 80% painted with contrast, with a few bits and bobs hand painted over the top. I was using them to practice faces. Both took two attempts. I'm most happy with the sword lady on the left.

The lady on the right had some more serious problems with my face paint attempts. At one point I'd messed it up so bad that the paint had gotten too thick and I had to gently scrape it off with a scalpel blade. She also looks a bit better in person than in the photos, where the shadows around her eyes aren't quite right.

Still, happy to have two more models ticked off the painting list, and looking forward to getting some more Amazons done, as I'm really enjoying painting these sculpts.


  1. Great work! You're right that the sword look amazing. I'm also really impressed with how the purple textiles turned out: Very eye catching!