Monday 25 May 2020

Wait, that wasn't the plan at all

Going into the bank holiday long weekend, I had a clear plan. Finish up a few bits of housework then really sit down and blitz painting and assembling to really get back into things. I was enthusiastic and keen.

Then on Friday night, I decided I should do a thing I've been putting off for ages, and learn how to use the Click and Drop service by Royal Mail. So just before I went to bed I put up a quick post on my club trades page and my personal Facebook, offering to post people a thing from my collection if they asked and I wasn't really using it.

So, erm, I'm still posting things. I've made three trips to the post box so far, each time with a full "bag for life", and there's still a few things to go. In fairness, the last bag had two large parcels of knitting as my beloved noticed I was doing these trips and decided to use Click and Drop herself as I was already heading that way.

I took some beautiful panoramic shots of the chaos yesterday, but on review, they have so many opened boxes with my address on it that I'm not putting them on my blog. Like, I love y'all but I don't want you all thinking you can drop by to my flat whenever.

Still, it is a definite indication I have too much stuff that I can spend three days sending people stuff I had, and I'm still not finished. I couldn't even find some of the things I know I have, somewhere. I can definitely afford to be rid of a few more things. And there will probably be only a small visible dent on the collection when I'm done and I've consolidated some boxes.

I won't be getting rid of the pricey stuff yet - I want to wait until guidelines indicate it's OK to go to the Post Office for non essential trips before I do, as I'll want to send them recorded delivery. But I can now start the process of steadily working through the bulk of the low value stuff.

Also, much love to other people who noticed someone looking for a thing on my thread that I didn't have and offered it themselves. The community are good people.

The boxes for Operation Kaldstrom arrived during the week. I needed a Liang Kai for O-12 and was paranoid that N4 might have other forces that allowed him, that I collected in a different paint scheme, so I picked up a second bundle. I've now conveniently fixed this by giving away a PanO set and a Yu Jing set so I now only have one box worth! I'm holding on to those until White Company mercenary army drops, and I see if I need any of them.

I'm enjoying getting a few casual games of Infinity in using Tabletop Simulator, while starting to get impatient for N4. Hopefully I'll have plenty of models painted by then!

I got a few more bits of Gnawhole assembled during the week, but that's all the progress I've got! Still, I've booked some holiday from work to sit at home and paint with all the cancelled holidays from trips and LARP I was going to do.

Lets just try not to get quite so distracted next time.

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