Monday 18 May 2020

Stalling out

Having run out of scheduled posts of painted miniatures, I've had to come to the distinct conclusion that I'm in a slump. The flat was getting into a bit of a state as well, so I spent the Saturday catching up some housework, mixed with playing some Skyrim. You don't get photos of either of those, but you do get to see some of my Sunday.

Once I'd had Sunday Morning Coffee with Annie, I settled down to getting some hobby done. I mixed in Something New And Exciting with clearing up some old projects. I had four different things that I'd finished assembly that had been waiting for undercoat for ages, so I got those all sprayed. Then I settled down to assemble my Skaven Gnawholes.

These are part of my Skaven army project, and are a free terrain piece you get any time you play an all Skaven army in Age of Sigmar. As the milestone around my neck was a Skaven infantry (see below) I thought maybe a slightly larger kit would be a nice self contained thing that could be a success.

It was both successful and not successful. These are super, super precise kits that fit together incredibly precisely, so I need to be extra careful when gluing each bit together, because any slack nonsense will result in the entire thing having massive gaps all over the place. This also means I have to be super careful with mould lines and sprue connections on every single piece. Fortunately, hardly any mould lines. Unfortunately, loads of places it connects with the sprue.

So, they aren't done.

But oh my goodness, sprue connection clean up was the most restful thing. Just slowly working away with a scalpel blade. Is it perfect? No? Well, keep going.

Meanwhile, over here is the culprit for the slow down. The 90s Queek from the Made to Order a while ago has been on my paint desk for ages. He's being painted in contrast to match the rest of the army. But it turns out that the 90s character models are full of tiny fiddly details, so there's a ton to do. I had to pull his trophy rack off as well to get to bits to paint.

That said, he's nearly done. The model is basically there - I just need to finish up the base drybrush and edge, then get the trophy rack finished up. But it's become a bit of a millstone, so I just couldn't bring myself to do those small simple jobs. Maybe I'll get to it during the week?

Definite lesson from today. If one bit of hobby is proving a drag, change lanes, do something else and you'll get progress and feel invigorated for it.

Oh, also, cheeky sneak preview WiP of another Bad Squiddo Amazon. I should definitely get her finished up.

I'd have shown you the Fenris Games scenery I undercoated, but I undercoated it black and it's currently just a cheerful void. I'll just have to show you them when I've painted them.

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