Monday 4 May 2020

End of April Hobby Progress

April has been the month where things started taking shape for hobby. It's been kind of helped by the lockdown and various other commitments being cancelled, but that's not just it. At the start of the month, I'd been painting single figures at a time, like these Shasvastii.

Which is fine. It gets them done, and it's for a skirmish game where I don't need a lot of models. But I do have a lot of models that I own, and I hadn't really found the method for upping the pace.

Getting the Wargames Atlantic Halflings done has pointed the way on how I should be getting larger projects done. I was able to get the assembly and core colours done as a batch of five, but then needed to focus down onto finishing single models for the details.

Completing the scatter terrain for the club confirmed that larger batches are a bad idea as they got half completed and then killed my momentum dead. Still, they're done and have helped contribute to moving from having 7 completed models this year to 33. We're heading in the right direction!

While I was stalled on the scatter terrain, I ended up getting to the point where I realised I was building up a huge pile of assembled but unpainted minis. To make sure I was only assembling stuff that was likely to get painted relatively soon, I dug out my Bandua pre-painted terrain that needed assembly. I found it remarkably restful, so I'm likely to continue doing similar in the future!

With 33 models painted, I now have 222 purchased models between my supporting small companies / not Salute run, the Wyrd Miniatures Easter Sale and a Kickstarter turning up. Oops. I've put the brakes on the purchases now while I work on getting this backlog cleared out.

Right now I'm finishing up painting my second Skaven, the old metal Queek Headtaker model from the Made to Order a while ago. I'm painting the assortment of Bad Squiddo models I showed off as assembled a couple of weeks ago to break that up.

Assembly wise, the Battle Systems terrain I picked up is getting done pretty quickly, and I'm finishing up the last Malifaux Prospector who's been procrastinated over to an epic extent.

I am definitely going to start assembling the plastic Skaven I have this coming month. Painting wise, I really want to finish up the Shasvastii from Wildfire. I may hold the Gwailo back from the blog and paint it for the Mayacast painting challenge.

Meanwhile, on the gaming front, I've managed to try out Code One using Tabletop Simulator, and I've signed up to a club Infinity League using TTS, and my first game is coming up. All in all, I'm feeling pretty positive about my hobby, despite The Situation.

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