Friday 29 January 2021

Feature Friday: Wheelchair Adventurers

I also recently got these back from one of my assembly guys, but I'd had them undercoated black with the intention of doing their zenithal spray myself. Now that's done and you can actually see them, I'm super excited to share them.

These are the "Dungeons and Diversity" range from Strata Miniatures. I've picked up the first wave and once I've got these painted up I'll definitely grab the second wave.

They've been working with Sara Thompson, a disabled GM who has been trying to address accessibility issues in tabletop RPGs for a while now. 

One of the things she's put together is a combat wheelchair for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons that enables players who want to play a character who uses a wheelchair to do so easily. It's an excellent way of removing obstacles for people who want to see themselves represented in the escapist games they play.

This dwarf miniature has been used as the basis for Matt Mercer to use as Dagen Underthorn, one of the NPCs in Critical Role.

In any event, these are absolutely delightful miniatures that I completely adore, and I'm really keen to paint them up!


  1. Great models and a great idea. Looking forward to seeing them painted!

    1. Yeah, it's the happy combination of really awesome models and a good cause too!