Monday 18 January 2021

Remembering how to use paints that aren't Contrast

On Sunday afternoon I was determined to break my painting block, so grabbed a couple of my Wizkid's "pre-undercoated" models and sat down to paint them. They took a couple of hours, including the break in the middle for paint to dry.

Because the pre-undercoating was a little patchy, I decided to do some block base coats rather than the contrast I've been using for a while. I was definitely super nervous at this stage! It felt like a huge step backwards.

However, I needn't have worried. Agrax Earthshade added a lot of depth, and I did a little highlighting and dry brushing just to brighten the model up a little bit.

I was particularly pleased with the male guard's face, although it works best under slightly gentler lights than I've used here. I dropped in some Kislev Flesh Air highlights, brought it back down with some Guilliman Flesh Contrast, then did another quick Kislev Flesh highlight. In particular, the trick of using air paints for glazing in brighter highlights is one I plan to continue!

So, a couple of models painted, and the block is cleared. I'm feeling keen and enthused about painting again. Sometimes I just need an easy success before sitting down to a long and complex paint job. 


  1. Agrax and Nuln oil. Magic in a bottle. I've never tried the 'Air' range but the results are great. Presumably it's more thinned out and translucent so good for blending?

    1. Yes. They're basically perfect for glazing a highlight on, straight out of the pot. And I'm a great believer in lazy stuff that saves me effort and time.