Wednesday 13 January 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Knowing When To Quit

I spent a while getting these War World Renegades assembled . . . and I've fallen out of love with them.

The backpack fins were super difficult to glue on, and then I pinged one across the room and lost them so didn't add the rest. And the lad at the front on the right I accidentally cut some of his arm off, mistaking it for flash. So he has a weird short arm.

I don't have a plan for them, so rather than paint them up, I'm going to put them up for sale so someone can get some use out of them.

I have plenty of stuff to be painting, so its important for me to keep track of what I'm enthused by and what I have time for.


  1. Knowing when to stop is a skill in itself. The amount of times I've seen "I'm really not enjoying this game, I don't like this company....but I just need to buy X Y Z to complete my army"!

    1. Oh goodness, yes! Paying attention to what is enjoyable and what isn't is a skill we really need to get better at as hobbyists. Sunk cost fallacy is a big problem in the hobby.