Wednesday 6 January 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday: An Infinity Assortment


Oktavia Grimsdottir is a limited edition Infinity figure I got with the recent edition. She's armed with a Missile Launcher and can be taken by the generic armies along with Shasvastii. I'm not really sure how useful she actually is in practice, but I will give her a try at some point.

Shona Carano was the other limited edition figure from the N4 release. She can be taken by O-12 and Starmada. As you might guess from the model, she's pretty stabby.

Liang Kai is also for O-12, and pretty stabby as well. Another one for the paint queue!

This is the generic Morat Spec Ops model. Nothing I'm planning to use any time soon, but he's assembled and ready to go.

Ko Dali is an absolutely terrifying Combined Army drop troop, and this was a pre-order miniature with the recent graphic novel Betrayal. Something for when I give vanilla Combined Army a go when I want a break from Shasvastii.

Corvus Belli kindly give us warning of when models are going to go out of print, so I grabbed this Skiavoros, a powerful command unit for Combined Army, rather than try and hunt one down later after it's out of production.

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