Wednesday 27 January 2021

WIP Wednesday - A weird little assortment of assembled metal

First up, we have the "Original Space Raider" by Knightmare Miniatures. He's a fun tribute to some old sci fi art I quite like, and I've been meaning to get him done for a while.

Here's two sculpts from even smaller companies. On the left is "Sir Justin de Coutange" by Khadrin's Miniatures. Khadrin's Miniatures mostly make 15 mm fantasy (though they have some 20 and 28mm on their site too). This rare model is a tribute to a friend of the owner who died young, and I decided to pick up a copy.

On the right is a female landsknecht from Red Goblin Terrain. I think she's the only model they make, but she was nice enough I decided to pick one up.

Onto a more familiar supplier, and here's some models from Bad Squiddo. I can't recall when I picked up these Jesters and "Hooty McOwlFace". Was it a random impulse buy? Was it a Salute? I'm pretty sure it was Salute.

On the other hand, these historical figures were through one of Annie's Kickstarters. I'm not normally a historicals guy, but I thought these models were nice and worth supporting. They're all particular figures from WWII with their own real histories. I'll likely post more about them when I get them painted.

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