Friday 19 August 2022

Product Review First Impressions - Gamers Grass Dry Bracken

I decided to try out the Gamer's Grass Dry Bracken on my Frostgrave Hyena model, as she has a pretty big base to work with. The bracket comes on these flat sheets that you need to push the bracken shape out of.

Fitting the bracken onto the base, I learn two things. Firstly, it's really quite big indeed and is probably too big even for this large creature base. It looks like it's only really going to see use on scenery pieces or huge monster bases. Secondly, the point where it connects to the base is not very realistic at all, and will need masking with more tufts. All the illustrative photos do this, so I should have worked it out, but I didn't realise quite how shoddy it would look without any masking...

So, with a flower tuft added to hide the base of the bracken, and another tuff added on the other side to balance the bracken a bit, we're done.

What do I think so far? Well, I really like the idea and like how it looks when used right, but there's a few flaws to it. It's only really usable on the largest of bases or scenery. It looks pretty fragile and I'm not sure how it's going to last with a lot of play. I'm still undecided on it myself. I was excited when it came out but I feel like it's limited uses will mean I'm not going to find much use for it all that often...


  1. Yes i agree basing is a whole art in itself....we gave up and now use clear bases.