Monday 8 August 2022

Getting going again

Huzzah! I'm back from LARP, and had a lovely holiday before that. Not much hobby happened, but a few bits and pieces got done, so lets take stock.

First up, we've got these Novus Landing sci fi aliens I picked up at Salute from Tangent Miniatures. A simple Wraithbone undercoat means they're now ready to get painted in between projects.

More Salute purchases, this time a pair of orcs from Titan Wargames. They're based on resin bases by Cerberus Studios. These will be excellent characters for D&D and skirmish games, and I particularly love the monk, who I'm excited to get some paint on.

Last of the Salute purchases is this hag that Encounter Terrain had printed. It's a lovely sculpt with some interesting textures and should be great fun to get some paint on.

I've also got most of the prep done for my Horus Heresy Alpha Legion test paints. The plan is to use crackle texture on the bases and contrast on the models. There's a few spots the spray didn't catch on the models so I'll need to tidy that up before starting the paint jobs.

And, you know, finish the models I'm currently painting so there's room on the painting table.

Finally, a bunch more models for the Combined Army are ready for their zenithal spray. I really need the bike and the bounty hunter done in time for a tournament the weekend after next, so I need to get a shuffle on with getting those ones painted!

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  1. Nice. I always enjoy the ecletic nature of your collection.