Friday 12 August 2022

Stormcast Eternals Riding Things With Scales

Here's a bunch more of my Stormcast back from Squiggle's Studio getting their time in the light box for photos before I put them away. First up, we have this Lord-Celestant on Dracoth. He's from the first starter set and doesn't seem hugely punchy for his size, but is a nice model and I'll certainly give him a go on the tabletop.

Next up is a Lord Arcanum on Dracoline, who seems to have some interesting abilities and will be fun trying out.

Finally we've got these Evocators on Dracolines. They come in units of three, but I've had seven painted so I've got options to either run them as two units of three or one unit of six.

There's plenty more to show off, and hopefully once LARP season is done I'll be able to schedule in a game to start learning Age of Sigmar...

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