Thursday 2 November 2023

Infinity NA2 New Forces

I sent off a couple of batches of Infinity figures to Thunderbrush to get various bits and pieces I've been picking up for my NA2 factions painted up. Unfortunately, my original NA2 miniatures are on Antenocitis Workshop bases, who are now very sadly no longer trading. Fortunately, Monstrous Makings are now making some base toppers with similar designs.

On the left we have the slightly daftly named "Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff", a mercenary who can fight for the Druze. He's a punchy, tough character, which is really useful for the somewhat fragile Druze. On the right is an old 2nd edition Ghulam sniper I won at a tournament at some point. I think I already have one somewhere but I will often run a multiple sniper defensive link in Dahshat, so it was worth getting him painted up.

Both Dahshat and Druze use Monstruckers, and they also turn up as reinforcements for all the NA2 factions. I grabbed several copies of these as so many of my factions use them and they were going out of production!

Originally, just Ikari Company and Qapu Khalqi had access to Yuan Yuan, but they've been expanded out to Druze as well at some point in N4. I have the old sculpts, but the new ones are really pretty, so I got them an update...

And finally, Dahshat company gets the new Hulang. This is a bit of an indulgence as Dahshat only get one, but it was a flimsy excuse to get the new Crazy Koala models...


  1. So are those completed paint jobs? Is it a night-time urban anime look? Very unusual.

    1. Yes, and yes. I had the idea and it's a nice, simple scheme that looks striking but is easy for different commission painters to do.