Sunday 21 December 2014

Battle Report: Astra Militarum against Space Marines

One of the chaps I've gotten to know in Dark Sphere is new to 40K, and asked for a game to help him learn the rules. I agreed, and wrote up a pretty generic Imperial Guard list with a variety of units so he could learn about how things worked on the tabletop.

I don't remember exactly what I took. It looks like it was a Guard platoon, some Veterans, a Leman Russ and a Demolisher. I also took a Primaris Psyker and a Commissar Lord. I was explaining how units worked as we went along, and pointing out things he could do with his own units so he could get the hang of things.

My Leman Russ definitely regretted this policy, as a Captain with jump pack and lightning claws and his Assault Marine buddies decided to punch the Leman Russ to death.

Meanwhile his Predator learned not to get too close to a Chimera full of melta guns. My opponent was using an army he'd picked up on eBay painted, and it included this Leman Russ converted to count as a Predator. It's pretty cool looking!

I didn't give my opponent a completely easy time of it - although his Land Speeder managed to somehow survive a hit from a Demolisher Cannon with only an Immobilised result. The Predator was doing a dance around the central cover to stay out of line of sight of the Demolisher Cannon!

With the Leman Russ dead, the captain and his men looked for other targets.

I was working on whittling down the Tactical Marines (on the left), Devastator Squad (on the right) and the pesky Scout Snipers hiding in the ruin in the centre.

Meanwhile my firebase was suddenly suffering from an attack of lightning claws to the face, while a big squad of Terminators rocked up to the party.

The Demolisher abjectly failed to murder the terminators (which is supposed to be it's job!) and it looked like it was going to pay the price. Meanwhile, the Tactical Squad was slowly being brought down by weight of numbers, and the Commissar Lord's power sword.

The Command Squad got stuck with short ranged weapons miles from anywhere when their Chimera got blown up.

The Commissar Lords finishes off the Tactical Marines, but the Terminators have done for the Demolisher.

Yeah, this isn't going to go well, is it?

Wait, what? Assault Marines as well? Lightning claws? Argh! My Commissar Lord was quickly proven to be not all that tough and was brutally cut down to end the game, leaving the field in the hands of the Space Marines!

I have now received another challenge, with my opponent having had a whole bunch of games and feeling a bunch more comfortable with the rules. Tune in soon for another interesting defeat at the hands of the Space Marines...

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