Monday 22 December 2014

Its not even Christmas, and I have many shiny things

So, before I go any further, I must correct a glaring oversight! Over on the Oldhammer Forum, the gentleman known as Asslessman set up a "Salvation Army" thread, encouraging people to pass on models they're not going to finish so someone else will. He then went on to pick out one of my dreadful eBay mistakes and has since corrected it. You can find his work to save my sins here.

My pre-order of Infinity 3rd Edition arrived a few days ago. I'd already picked up the free PDF of the rules from the Corvus Belli website, so I didn't quite vanish into a hole quite as much as I otherwise would have to digest the rules.

In short, I am amazingly excited about this - I'd been meaning to get into Infinity for a while, but the improved rules and Operation: Icestorm has meant that "at some point" has become "now". I am already signed up to attend Winter Challenge 2015 and the first Totally Crit Open. There seems to be a ton of excitement and enthusiasm on the Dark Sphere Facebook Group too.

I picked up Miranda Ashcroft here from eBay. She's had a kitbashed rifle slung under her arm - I'm hoping I can get it off and use some paint stripper so I can repaint her myself. I feel kind of guilty doing it, because the person painting her has clearly put a lot of effort in - but it's not the paint job I'd do, and I will be wanting her to fit in with the rest of my forces.

I have been wanting this Chaos Champion forever and a day, so was very pleased to get him in a trade after a failed eBay bid revealed the seller had a second one for sale. In practical terms I'm going to end up using him as an Inquisitor, stats wise, but is it just me, or does he look a bit like a Hrud? It's more than a little tempting to use him as one, somehow.

And finally, with Forge World announcing that they were running down their copies of the Tamurkhan book, I quickly ordered it. I'd been thinking for a while about running some Chaos Dwarves alongside my Warriors of Chaos, and with so few left, I jumped in and grabbed one.

At least it doesn't add to my painting backlog, right?


  1. Awesome - always loved that champion, such a cool model. Can't wait to see him painted up!

    1. So many things to paint! Maybe I should have a little voting thing at some point for a bunch of the "ready to paint" stuff to decide what I do next?