Sunday 7 December 2014

Two very different models

After a few tries at getting the left arm attached on the Infinity CSU, I gave in and pinned it. When I was holding it to dry, I knocked the right arm off. I'll be pinning that, now, too. Along with every component on every Infinity model I assemble from here on in.

I had a pretty slow weekend due to a very busy week - I'm still not recovered from the 40K LARP I was at last weekend, and work was super hectic when I got back there. Still, Sunday evening I sat down and kit bashed a creepy little mutie for 40K while watching TV, even though I didn't manage to get as far as picking up a paint brush.


  1. I'm painting a 40k mutie based on th eexact same goblar right now... Just put a Space amrine helmet in place of the IG head and you're good. I even used th esame ghoul head until I thought it was more fun to use a zombie head.

    Great minds I suppose !
    Looking ofrward to seeing them getting love !

    1. I was originally going to use a different ghoul head, but that one is now somewhere under the sofa...

  2. Please post pics of that mutie when you're finished painting him. He looks amazing. He reminds me of something out of Judge Dredd. Well done.