Monday 15 December 2014

What's it like to visit The Overlords?

For those of you who haven't heard of them, The Overlords is a Warhammer 40K podcast and gaming club. Their club meets a surprisingly short distance from my house, and I previously attended their bring and buy in a catastrophic attempt to sell more things than I bought. But what's it like to attend one of their events?

Early last Saturday, I braved the public transport of East London to make my way to the Overlords HQ - a Scout hut behind a church in the wilds of Zone 4. (For those of you unaware of London's zoning system, the higher the number, the greater the chance of meeting rad mutants, zombies and cannibals.)

The event was the Overlords Christmas bash. The plan was for three doubles games, with 500 points a player, fighting with custom mission cards and a narrative arc of missions over a giant squig full of resources which had been spotted in the Pakeshi sector - part of an ongoing setting they are using at the moment.

My Guardsmen - ever mercenary and shifty - chose to ally with the "naughty" forces, based on noble motives such as the opportunity for looting and a greater chance of victory.

I had three amazing fun games with all sorts of mayhem and shenanigans, from allying with Dark Eldar to gun fights with Sisters of Battle.

There was also an opportunity to see "Behind the Magic" of the Overlords Podcast as they recorded a segment based on a topical news quiz. It was an honour to see the slick professionalism and careful preparation that goes into the episodes to make them seem so 'off the cuff' and chaotic.

I will, in time, probably write up some battle reports of the three crazy battles I got to fight over the course of the day. It was the most fun I've had with 40K in a long while, and if you have any way of getting to East London of a Sunday at some point, I would strongly recommend you give it a try.

Guardsmen! Know your foe!


  1. Awesome review, thanks for taking the time out to write this up.

    1. Well, I had great fun at the event, so I thought it reasonable to write it up!

  2. Lovin' those mauve cultists.

    Allying with the DE ?!?! You should be taken out and shot.

    1. Zzzzzz - you know my feelings about being a 'baddie'...

    2. They paid well! And I shot the witnesses. ;-)

  3. Ooh, jealous.

    We're a long way from East London here, though.

    That said, I LOVE your description of the zones!