Monday 27 November 2017

Wayland Games ITS Season 9 Launch Event

I . . . forgot that I hadn't blogged this when I started catching up on blog posts! In order to finish my account of the HATE Infinity League this year, you're getting another blast from the past today and two Infinity things in a week...

For the first day of Season 9 back in September, Wayland Games put on a small Infinity tournament. I pottered down to take part. Sadly, the Season 9 pack hadn't been released when it took place, so the local WarCor picked some of the Season 8 missions to make do.

There were an assortment of different tables at Wayland - some from the store and some brought by players. This one used a mix of Bandua, Customeeple and the Corvus Belli cardboard terrain.

This Yu Jing themed table was mostly Micro Art Studio buildings and walkways, nicely painted up, with some additional bits from elsewhere, like the Antenocitis Workshop Happy Panda Noodles. I suspect the truck is TT Combat.

This table was mostly Corvus Belli cardboard again, but with a little extra from TT Combat's range.

I don't know where the jungle and river terrain came from on this table, but the MDF seems to be mostly Spartan Scenery? You can't get it at the moment thanks to Spartan sadly ceasing trading, but I suspect that Warcrade will be making it available if they got the rights to it with everything else they bought.

First up, I was facing MeekRebel's Vanilla Nomads at Supplies. I mostly hunkered down behind a large building, with Knauf up on the roof to provide some ARO mischief.

A prone Zero ended up depressingly near a Krakot Renegade.

Someone made the mistake of wandering around where Knauf could see them and took a round.

Meanwhile, the Zero died to a chain rifle, but had AROed with "Place Mine", which made the Krakot sad.

Armand Le Muet was causing me grief running around the place.

And a Krakot managed to run down and take out my Intruder Lieutenant, although they were set on fire in the process.

A Moran ended up going on a rampage, taking out a whole bunch of my back field.

My Interventor decided they'd had enough and put up a Cybermask.

I attempted the shooting through smoke nonsense with an Intruder HMG, but Armand ducked sufficiently.

He then came down the stairs and got into a gunfight with my Intruder, but I was still toast. As you might have guessed from my complete failure to mention any of the Supply boxes, I never got anywhere near them, scraped my Classified, and took a 10-1 loss...

So, second game up on the port board with all the shipping containers. This was Comms Centre against a Neoterra force played by NiceGuyRosen. This is an early turn one shot, with the Lunokhod already aggressively up the board.

For the first time, I got my Intruder / Smoke combo working well, with a smoke grenade at the feet of the Intruder allowing him to smoothly turn an Uhlan and a Locust Hacker to paste, seriously affecting my opponent's firepower.

Unfortunately, I'd misjudged where I'd put my Reverend Healer, and an Auxbot set her on fire.

The Intruder remembered that standing out in the open was stupid when the smoke cleared, and fire from a link team was a little unlucky, letting him dodge back out of sight.

A Morlock got the lucky job of punching an Auxbot to death.

Just out of this shot on the top right was the other Auxilia, who were clearly going to come in for a late game objective grab.

Suicidal Morlocks were sent in to try and cause backfield chaos, but they were cut down.

The Wildcat Hacker flipped one of the Pan O objectives back again.

Meanwhile, the Auxilia managed to grab the Console, and my Alguacile Forward Observer couldn't quite make it. Still, I'd managed to scrape a win in a hard fought match, 7-4.

Final game, back to the first board again, for a game of Armoury. I was up against Aleph this time, played by SixthAndPowell. I tweaked my set up, learning some lessons from last time about the risks of being brutalised in the first turn.

Classic Intruder set up on the roof this time, far to the side to see past as much of the infinite height building as possible...

Meanwhile, Aleph brought a TAG. Which comes with MSV 2. So, no repeating the Intruder smoke trick here! I tried a Hellcat with an Adhesive Launcher, but they got cut down before they could make it.

A lot of hacking later . . . using a lot of Repeaters and oddness - the only person who could make it to the Armoury from my side was a Securitate HMG who'd been providing the one of the Inconvenient Repeater Hacking Fields most of the game.

In the end, it came down to the last roll - if I'd killed the surviving Aleph trooper in the Armoury, I'd have held it, but sadly, down went the Securitate, giving the game to Aleph 7-0.

While I came 7th in a tournament of 8 people, and only won one of my games, I had great fun at the event overall. I'd definitely recommend heading down to Wayland for their future Infinity events - the next is on 16 December 2017.

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