Monday, 9 March 2020

A bit of introspection

I've been thinking a whole bunch recently. I'm still working on the conclusions, but I'm trying to lay out some of those thoughts to put them into a better order. The thinking hasn't been limited to my hobbies, but that's what I intend to focus on in this post.

One of the trends I've noticed is that I have a tendency to over-commit to things - LARP events and tournaments. This means I end up rushing to get other things done around those commitments, and its often unbalanced. I get fear of missing out and sign up to lots of things, but end up tired and not doing other things I want to do.

So that's something to bear in mind. I need to be careful about what I sign up for, and check when the events are. It's going to be better to pick a handful of good events than go flat out and go to every possible event I could.

I also need to be a bit more disciplined about what hobby I do. I'm getting models assembled and painted, but everything I've painted so far isn't for use in the near future, and that's a bit daft. While I'm going to make sure I finish the Wildfire Shasvastii, for example, I want to make sure that whatever projects I set up to paint next are usable, playable forces - like the Malifaux mercenary crew.

If there's a theme to this, it's bang for buck. I'm absolutely enjoying the tournaments I'm going to. I get joy out of getting my models painted. And that's a massive step up from where I was. But I'm pretty sure that by being smarter, I could have more fun for the same or even less effort.

And that's got to be worth a go, hasn't it?

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