Monday 1 June 2020

End of May Hobby Progress Check

May started off well with the assembly of all the Battle Systems terrain I'd picked up.

Unfortunately, I then stalled out, getting stuck on the amount of detail on the classic Queek Headtaker model I picked up from the "Made to Order" service. Spending the bank holiday weekend sending people stuff I wasn't using hit the hobby progress itself, but did manage to clear out a whole ton of stuff I just wasn't using.

I have realised in the meantime that work has been stressing me out and that I'd been cancelling all my holidays because of lockdown. I've now booked in a whole bunch of holiday for June to get some 'me' time, and hopefully part of that will be getting some models painted!


  1. As an early warning - Battle systems quickly take up about a million times more space than when they are on the sheets!

    1. I'm not going to heavily into Battle Systems, so I should be fine. :)