Monday 8 February 2021

Bad Squiddo Hooty McOwlFace

While I'm knocking through this month's painting project, I wanted something I could drop in and out of to keep my motivation up (and for something to do while waiting for Contrast or washes to dry). I decided that the delightfully named "Hooty McOwlFace" (yes, that's her official name) fit the bill.

She's a good model for a generic druid or nature spellcaster type. I decided to try painting darker skin, as I felt it suited the miniature. I think it turned out OK, but there's still some definite room for improvement there.

Hooty is another delightful Bad Squiddo Games sculpt, which I keep turning to when I want an easy, restful paint job. There's something about the sculpting that means they're super easy to paint with my painting style.

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