Wednesday 3 February 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Otherworld Miniatures

At the end of December, I had a tragic online shopping related incident when Miniature Heroes announced they were going to stop stocking Otherworld Miniatures and that they were having a clearance sale. They arrived at the start of January, so I got them off to one of my assembly guys to get ready to paint straight away.

While most of their Otherworld stock is now gone, they're also an excellent stockist of Reaper Miniatures and I'd definitely recommend them based on my existing customer service experience.

Fittingly, the first miniatures to show off are some adventurers' hirelings, carrying a lantern, torch, and some loot.

Otherworld definitely stock a good range and I absolutely adore many of their sculpts. Here we have a tavern bouncer, a dodgy looking halfling, and a half orc fighter type.

I am less fond of their clerics as many of them go very "old school" and still have crosses rather than more fantasy religious symbols. I hadn't noticed that on the lad on the right, as his hand is covering the cross. Not sure if I'm going to keep him or pass him on now.

On the left we have a banshee, who I'd muddled in with the spell casters because I am not smart sometimes. There's a good variation of types of things like magic users, so there's a good chance of finding someone who resembles your idea for a character.

There's also some civilians, like this rat catcher and elf bowyer. Maybe I should have put the bouncer with them?

An older and younger magic user, flanking an elf bow user with scale mail. You can really feel the character of the sculpts.

There were also a couple of monster models I grabbed. I've been look at getting this sensibly dressed medusa for some time. A were-rat is also an excellent challenge for a party just starting to get out of the low levels.

And finally, a unicorn! It's a nice, simple sculpt that should be fun to get some paint on.

Erm, that's quite a few miniatures. Whoops. They were super, super cheap and I may have gone a bit far...


  1. Nice haul.

    I went in the garage earlier today and discovered a whole space army still on the sprue. So not even clearance sales for me.

    1. I need to have some clearance sales of my own for stuff I no longer love to make more space for awesome stuff like this. :)

  2. Otherworld have some lovely, retro looking stuff in their catalogue and I've had my eye on trying out Miniature Heroes for a while so will need to have a quick peek!

    1. The Otherworld and Reaper catalogues are so deep with good models that part of the problem is deciding where to start! I hope you do pick up a few of each as I'd be interested in seeing your take on them.