Friday 19 February 2021

Commission Painted Infinity White Company

When Operation: Kaldstrom came out, I picked the box up to get the models in it that would be available in White Company, the new mercenary company released for the fourth edition of Infinity. I sold off the miniatures you can't take and bought a few models that were getting new releases so I'd have plenty of weapon option variations between the two boxes.

I used White Weasel Studio for this batch. They got a little held up because of lockdowns, but I've been impressed with their work so far. I do worry a little about the post Brexit post and tax situation, but as long as we can solve those issues, I'd definitely use them again.

Front and centre here, we have a Guilang Skirmisher, a Yu Jing unit you can get in Kaldstrom. It's a camouflage infiltrator who can either be a specialist to complete the mission or an attack piece. The other four models are Kaplan Tactical Services, a mercenary unit who can form a Fireteam. The Kaplans have some beautiful new sculpts out now, but I wanted the option to vary the weapon profiles.

The three first three models left to right here are Fusiliers - basic line troops you take to fill out a list and provide orders. They can also form a fireteam, but you'll use their Fireteam in different roles to the Kaplans.

At the back on the right is a Nokk troop, an forward deploying troop that can't enter a camouflage state but is very hard to hit. It's an excellent aggressive attacking piece. And on the right at the front is a Kunai Solutions Ninja. They're a well hidden sniper who's very good at hand to hand combat who isn't a very good shot. I am . . . still trying to work out how to make him work.

And finally, we have the last of the commission. The ORC troop on the left is a PanOceanian Heavy Infantry - he is in a weird place because he's quite expensive but doesn't have a really good gun. You're more likely taking them with heavy weapons. Next to him is a Jujak from the Yu Jing list. They have a lot of fire weaponry and can join a lot of different fireteams. On the right at the back is Liang Kai, a close combat specialist character who doesn't have smoke who I haven't worked out how to use well yet. Finally, on the right is a civilian to use in objective missions that need them...

I'm not planning on using White Company for a while yet - I have other things I want to be playing first. I probably need another batch of models painted to be able to make really good lists from a gaming perspective, but these are enough to be getting on with if I wanted to...