Wednesday 10 February 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Infamy 54mm and Wizkids

I managed to get a whole bunch of assembly done in the last week of January. I'd picked up a whole bunch of Wizkids pre-undercoated models for Pathfinder and D&D in a sale in December, and the plan was to not let them sit in boxes out of sight.

While the models come pre-assembled and pre-undercoated, there's some pretty bad mould lines on some of them - I'm going to need to do a little scraping on the dwarf wizard on the left before I paint her.

The familiar set resulted in me having another fox model. I guess I'll live.

There were a couple of civilian types as well. I've been impressed by the range of different types of miniatures Wizkids have put out in their range.

Most of the "hero" models come in packs of two, with the idea being that it's the same person at lower and higher level. The higher level one gets a more dynamic pose and fancier gear.

Sometimes, this gets you a lot more flexibility with what you use the models for. The additional of a helmet to the "high level" version of this half orc means you could use him as a plate armoured baddie very easily.

Quite a few come with clear plastic that can be painted with inks or contrast to be spell effects. They vary in how good they are. The wizard on the left's staff looks like a lollypop, and I suspect that painting it is just going to make it worse.

On the other hand, sometimes you get badass fire effects. I've not tried painting one of the ones with see through effects yet, because I'm a bit scared of it.

Inspired by Gonzo History Gaming's post on Inquisitor on the cheap, I've been on the look out for some interesting 54mm models to get on that band wagon. An opportunity came up when Infamy announced that a bunch of their 54mm range was going out of production.

I picked up three very different sculpts to use for Inquisitor, although I only managed to get two of them assembled in January. I haven't quite yet worked out how I'm going to paint them - and they're a bit intimidating - but they'll go onto my "ready to paint" shelf for the moment I get some inspiration.

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