Wednesday 17 February 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Nomad Kit Bashes

Last year I gave my usual assembly service a new challenge. I asked him to try doing some kit bashes I'd planned out for me. First up, I suspected there would be times I'd want to run two Securitate Feuerbachs in a link, so wanted a second. I picked up a solo Securitate from Shae Konnit's split box service, and a Teucer blister.

It's come out really well, although sadly the Securitate's combi rifle arms do not fit on Teucer's wider body.

The second was a much simpler conversion. I wanted a model for either a Wildcat Boarding Shotgun, or a Prowler Boarding Shotgun loadout, as neither profile currently has a released model.

The Ariadnan Spec Ops model was the perfect base for this conversion, and I thought the easiest thing to do would be to simply add the helmeted head from the Vortex Spec Ops.

I think he's turned out really well overall. I still don't have a paint scheme decided for my Nomads just yet, but it's another model undercoated and put away ready for paint once I actually work that out...

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