Wednesday 3 March 2021

Work in Progress Wednesday - Infinity Limited Editions

Also in the last batch of 2020's assembly was an assortment of limited edition figures from this or that source that I wanted out of boxes and into a miniatures case. Once again, assembly is courtesy of Highland Wargames, because metal allergies during lockdown suck.

First up is Oktavia Grimsdottir. She may look familiar as I also have a version assembled and undercoated for my Shasvastii, but she's a mercenary that my Nomads can take, so I have one for that basing and paint scheme as well.

Hellka is a custom model that was made for the "European Infinity Challenge" tournament in Mallorca in early 2020. I'm writing this in December, so I wonder if we'll have tournaments back on by February? I'm currently guessing not . . . 

Hellka is intended for you to be able to run her as either Final Boss in Aristeia! or a Morlock in Infinity. I'm considering using her as a Chimera in Bakunin, for when I want more than one, but I would need to work out what to use for her Pupniks.

I'm thinking of using some of the other "Alternative Skins" Aristeia! models, because they're pretty cool and it would be an excuse to paint them.

In any event, Hellka is an awesome model and I'm really keen to get her painted and used in a game somehow.

Next up we have the Kunai Solutions Ninja. The other N4 limited release model, he's a pretty awesome sculpt.

Unfortunately, he suffers from a challenging profile - a sniper who only OK at shooting, but excellent in close combat is a bit of a challenge to justify in most lists, and there's often better profiles available.

The Druze Killer Hacker is a classic sculpt. I already have her in Druze but decided to get one to paint just for myself because she's a lovely model.

Max Scorpio the Authorised Bounty Hunter is one of the harder limited edition sculpts to find because he's from early in the game's history - certainly before I started playing!

I managed to find someone selling their copy for a reasonable price and was happy to pick him up. He'll be seeing some service with my Nomads once he's painted.


  1. Especially that ninjasniperspiderdude. He's too kool for skool

    1. He is super tacticool, if a bit rubbish in the game. But when did that ever matter? :D

  2. Lovely sculpts!

    I'm a bit tempted to pick up some Infinity bits and bobs to try painting them but the level of detail on them is a bit intimidating.

    Do you have any recommendations for somewhere good to start?

    1. If you're looking for a single figure, try the new "Monstrucker" model:

      If you're looking for a set of ten models with a bargain price, look at the O-12 or ALEPH "Action Packs".

      In general, look for releases from the last year or two. Their assembly has been getting easier and easier recently. The older stuff can be quite hit and miss with how easy they are to put together...

    2. Awesome stuff! I'll have a look!