Monday 21 February 2022

One Page Rules: Grimdark Future - Deathwatch vs Word Bearers

This weekend, I managed to dodge the storms to cross London and visit a friend to get some in person gaming in. We decided to try out One Page Rules, a miniatures agnostic set of wargaming rules. We were playing Grimdark Future, a game that is well suited to using existing Warhammer 40,000 units in it.

First up, we chose to play a 1,000 point game pitting my Deathwatch against the vile forces of the Word Bearers. I started off by having my Infiltrators deploy on the right flank and advance up to claim an objective opposite some cultists.

One Page Rules uses alternating activations, so early on I moved my Hellblasters forward to shoot at the Helbrute. They managed to get a couple of wounds off it, but I was worried about the counter attack.

Meanwhile, a Chaos Marine squad advanced towards the Intercessors on my left flank.

The Chaos Cultists charged into the Infiltrators to try and take them out.

Meanwhile, the Reivers, led by the Chaplain, charged into the Helbrute with an obscene number of attacks. However, with the level of its armour and the number of hits it could take, it was still going!

The Chaos Marine squad, named the "Havoc Brothers" by default in One Page Rules, charged into the Intercessor squad. We decided they were clearly in the style of a 90s heel tag team, facing the Prime Brothers face team.

The fight went back and forth, with the Prime Brothers taking some early casualties. They nobly fought back and took out a handful of the Havoc Brothers, before falling to the overwhelming attacks. The upgraded weapons in the Havoc Brothers squad in particular gave them a solid edge.

The Helbrute ripped the Reiver squad apart, and I managed to fail the morale check for the Chaplain, meaning he was captured and removed from play. We felt he was pushed to the floor and ground into the dirt, unable to escape with his armour broken and locked up.

The Helbrute then charged over to the surviving Hellblasters and cut them down.

With the rest of the battle lost, the Infiltrators managed to cut the cultists down, holding a single objective.

The Chaos champion charges into the Infiltrators, but neither side is able to get an edge. With the rest of the battlefield in the hands of Chaos, we called the game there.

We had a chat and felt that One Page Rules looks really promising. The Helbrute was an absolute beast, and would need some serious firepower to remove. The elite units felt worth taking and were able to do quite a lot.

It also didn't take very long at all to play, so after a quick break, we settled in for a second game . . .

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