Wednesday 2 February 2022

Blood Medusa Paints . . . Stuff I Had Lying Around

I recently got an assorted bundle of painted miniatures back from Blood Medusa Paints. She'd mentioned she had some commission slots free so I just bundled up an assortment of bits and pieces I had lying around and asked her to paint them up to tabletop quality.

First up is this gun dog from Wild West Exodus. A friend had been selling off some miniatures last year, and these got bundled in as an extra present. I don't play Wild West Exodus, but I reckoned they'd make an interesting custom monster for D&D.

There were two gun dogs, so I asked Blood Medusa to paint them up very differently so I could get away with using them at different times with different backgrounds / reasons for existing. So one is all shiny and fancy, and one is all rusted up.

I also had got this Wild West Exodus "Attack Dog", which is another little robo critter. This one is perfect for being a D&D artificer's Steel Defender. So, for this one, I just got it painted generically so there were plenty of uses for it.

I also had a bunch of Wizkids "Nolzur's Marvellous Miniatures". I've kind of given up on painting these myself because I find the quality frustrating compared to other alternatives. The "pre-assembled" part is frustrating as you still end up needing to base them, clean up mould lines and so on. Some of the newer ones do seem to look a bit better, so I might give them a go.

In any event, here's a human fighter from the Pathfinder range with an awful weapon load out most PCs will never take. He's probably going to end up being a Veteran mercenary type working for baddies instead.

This Half Orc Barbarian is pretty cool, and good for that time the PCs get into a bar fight with a rival adventuring party . . .

Some of the wizard figures come with see through plastic for spell effects, which Blood Medusa has done a lovely job of shading here.

Most of the Wizkids adventurers come with two versions - a lower level and a higher level option. Here's the "high level" half orc barbarian. He could easily be some evil death knight or martial cultist.

Here's the other female wizard from the pair. I assume this one is meant to be the lower level one due to the lack of a flashy spell effect. I'm starting to write a few adventures of my own and I like the idea of low level baddies having a wand slinger with a couple of cantrips to back them up. It feels more rounded than "five bandits".

I also had this Reaper Bones Black Orc Shaman lying around ready for paint, so he got put in the box. He looks a bit more stand-offish, not spoiling for a fight. Maybe he's more a wise figure the characters need to persuade to give them the information they need?

Finally, I asked Blood Medusa to paint up the Runewars Elves I had lying about. I gave her a few options for inspiration, and we agreed on her painting them up as four Eladrin, one in each season. I might be tempted to use this for an Eladrin ranger character at some point, and swap the models out depending on what season he's in at the time.

I'm super happy with Blood Medusa's work. You can check out her twitter in the link I posted at the start of the post. She's also recently started posting to her  Youtube channel again, with a tutorial to paint up a Genestealer Cult in the style of the Warhammer Plus Angels of Death series.

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