Friday 18 February 2022

Salute 2021: Goya Games

Another brand new company showing off their work at Salute was Goya Games. They were selling a few miniatures that they intend to put into a game in future.

The models at the moment are humans and orcs, with a nice variety of weapons and poses.

Sadly there aren't any models for sale on their website yet, and I'm not sure when they're planning to launch. I took advantage of them selling some previews at Salute and picked up a couple to get painted up.

I'm really excited to see where Goya Games end up next, and they're definitely one to keep an eye on!


  1. 8 quid for an orc!? That's.. that's.. oh that's about normal these days isn't it?

    1. Its pretty reasonable for a short run of resin casts, and they're nicely detailed.