Monday 28 February 2022

Pausing to take stock

With February coming to an end, I haven't finished any more models. I finished prepping and undercoating this Griffin I got at Salute from Iron Gate Scenery. I've also tidied up some more Deathwatch, but I still need to take some photos of those.

February was still a pretty productive month, with four Shasvastii, a set of treasure tokens and a Reaper mini all getting painted. Still, with some Kickstarters from last year arriving, as well as picking up the Morat models that are going out of production, I'm planning on avoiding getting any new models that aren't limited edition until I've got the backlog down a bit.

This is what the Morat purchase looks like. I've still got a whole bunch of Shasvastii to do ahead of them, so they're going in a box for now. I'm feeling really good about my Infinity painting. While I've definitely just picked up a few months worth of painting, I'm pretty happy I can plug through it at a reasonable pace and don't feel overwhelmed by it.

The other "avoiding sadness later" purchase was managing to find a copy of the Battletech box, which has been quite difficult to find in the UK. I'm still going to start with the Beginner Box on this one. I've got a lot of keen for painting small mechs at the moment, I just need to be careful not to let that wane because I have other things I need to be doing first...

Everyone has been raving about these new plants from Gamers Grass. They looked interesting so I ordered a few to try out from Bad Squiddo. The next few things I paint that aren't needing to match with an army will probably have some plants on their bases!

I also got sent a freebie in the Bad Squiddo parcel. This is apparently an "Alien Mound". I think it's some nice unusual scatter terrain that will work great for Infinity once it's painted up.

These "The Art Of" books also arrived, but they're going on the shelf for now as I really don't have time to read them. My dearly beloved has been away a few months and is back next week, and most of my free time has gone onto tidying and throwing things out rather than reading (or, in fact, painting).

The plan for next month is mostly around making some improvements to our flat. I don't want to stop painting and hobbying completely, because it would make me miserable. The big task that needs to happen is finishing sorting out the Deathwatch base edges and the repairs to the models damaged in transit. Following that, there's also two assembled batches of Infinity models who need basing texture and zenithal highlights adding before they get put away.

Each of those hobby jobs is quite a bit of "heavy lifting", although there's plenty of satisfaction and emotional payoff when each of the jobs is done. So I need to keep an eye on them in case they start stressing me out, and switch to doing some quick contrast jobs of already ready to paint models for some low effort happy feelings at finishing a model if I need to.

My good friend James of Gonzo History (and the Monster Man Podcast) recently posted some photos of the painted figures of his new D&D campaign party. I found this pretty inspiring as I adore creating D&D characters, and do so at a rate much faster than I can play games of D&D.

This gave me the idea of grouping up a batch of fantasy figures I have into "D&D parties" I could then paint together and make up a little story about. I grabbed some models from my "to paint" tray as a proof of concept for this. I may get to them. I may spend all my hobby time fiddling around with basing sand on Shasvastii and O-12, we'll see.

However, this has reminded me that James is currently running pre-orders / crowdfunding on his old school adventure "The Magonium Mine Murders". It is cheap as anything and will hopefully appeal to a few of my readers, so I thought it worth mentioning.

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