Monday 2 May 2022

Crossing from April to May

I've managed to get one of the Heroines in Sensible Shoes by Oathsworn Miniatures finished. I like their old school aesthetic and they're a nice easy paint.

Empire LRP took a little longer than I remembered to get sorted before and after, but was good fun. Now there's another one in less than six weeks . . . And I also have a trip to see family scheduled that will be excellent, but impact painting time.

There's still tons of models I got back from my assembly people that aren't "paint ready" yet. I think I need to get those sorted. Possibly worth a big blitz?

I got a whole bunch of miniatures assembled, but there's also tons of assembled miniatures waiting to paint now. I've got a few more new things from small companies and Kickstarters I'd like to get assembled up, but when will I get to paint them?

I think maybe it's time to have a day or two where I focus in on just painting a whole bunch of small miniatures in one go with nice simple paint jobs?

Plus there's all those Shasvastii I said I'd paint by the end of June . . . but I think having fewer half finished things cluttering up the paint table will help me really focus on those...

This is all pretty scattered, and I think that's telling. I've got two much stuff going on at once, and I'm bouncing between stuff and finishing nothing. Definitely a case that I should pick one job, get it done, then move on to the next...

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