Monday 9 May 2022

Fenris Games Rats

I managed to get some painting in on some of my weekday evenings this week, and managed to quickly finish up these Fenris Games Rats. They're just a simple contrast job with some drybrushing, but that will do fine for models like these. You may notice if you click through to the Fenris site that a couple of them lost their tales over the course of getting them assembled and painted - rat tails are tiny thin things, so its easy to do!

I also took a photo of them ambushing a magic user and her porter. I might do a few more photos like this if people like them.

It's been nice getting back to painting post Empire LRP. Getting a routine going is useful to getting more done. I've signed up to a trainer with the local gym for the first time to try and get more regular with that fitness malarky too, as I was feeling like I'm starting to get a reasonable pace with the painting.

We changed internet providers this week too, and moving lots of boxes of things out of the way to let them install the cable definitely made me feel like I have too much stuff I'm just never going to get to, so expect to see a few more things listed on my eBay as well...

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