Monday 30 May 2022

3D Printed Snakeman

I managed to get this snake man I bought at Salute painted up to tabletop quality last week. I picked him up from a random box of 3D prints on the Encounter Terrain stand. He just had some simple base coating, an Agrax wash then a few colours dry brushed on or picked out.

The plan in my head was that I'd get ahead on my painting so there was plenty to post as Empire LRP drew closer, but instead I've been encouraged to get on with the clear out we've been intending to do for a good while.

We've sold a good bunch of stuff, but I ended up doing a bit more selling and a bit less painting than I'd planned, so I really want to focus in on finding the time to do some painting so I don't slip out of the habit and suddenly find four weeks have passed.

I've also solved some of my light photography problems. It turns out the front light I was using had another, less yellow setting. The second photo is with the old setting, the first with the new one. I think it's much better in getting a bright model.

I've also had some advice from my wife who saw how I was taking photos of models and recommended I change a couple of things. I'll see how those changes work as well!

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