Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Work in Progress Wednesday - Shasvastii Sphinx and Combined Remotes

In between painting models, I've been finishing up the prep of an assortment of Infinity figures that I farmed out to be assembled a while ago but haven't got to. It's a nice, simply and restful activity I can do in between complicated bits.

First up, we have the Sphinx TAG. Tactical Armoured Gear, or TAGs, are the biggest models in Infinity, and some of the toughest models to face. The Sphinx is the Shasvastii TAG, so fits in to the design of the Shasvastii being sneaky and into asymmetric warfare. It can be deployed "Hidden", so you don't need to put the model down and write down where it is. While lightly armed and armoured, it also has the ability to move around as a marker that can't be shot until discovered, and has a hefty penalty to be hit even when visible.

The Sphinx's guns are pretty light for a TAG, so it's best role is in picking off weaker enemy models rather than going toe to toe with the enemy armour. I have used it a little in TTS before now, but I'm looking forward to getting it painted up and on the table so I can use it in person.

The Scindron Remote unit is a small remote carried by TAGs that can detach to run around and do specialist tasks. It doesn't come out very often, but I wanted to make sure I had the model in case I needed it to activate a console during an objective mission.

I also got two more remotes for the Combined Army set up too. I've got a few painted already, but wanted some more variation in available load outs.

First up is the T-Drone, the Combined Army's Missile Launcher remote. This edition has made guided missiles a viable play, though usually through a defensive repeater network that can leave players feeling a bit like there's nothing they can do. You definitely want something in your list that can sneak up to or parachute onto a missile remote when planning your list these days.

I also got a second Q-Drone assembled. These Total Reaction remotes are amazing defensive pieces, and the Mimetism on the Combined Army ones give them an edge over the rest of the Human Sphere. I already have one assembled and painted, but was finding more and more while playing on TTS that I really enjoyed playing with two, giving me a strong defensive position.

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