Thursday, 12 May 2022

White Company Additional Reinforcements

I recently got another batch of White Company mercenaries for Infinity back from That Mr Shy. This was a mix of models I'd picked up cheap that needed painting, and starting to try and get the army towards a sensible playable force...

First up are the newer Kaplan Tactical Services box. You may guess from my already having the old box that this was a cheap acquisition, and a shop's clearance sale will indeed prove you right. This gives me a really solid basis for almost any configuration of Kaplan fireteam without having to proxy a model.

The Fusilier Forward Observer that comes in the Vallejo PanOceania Paint Set was something I had lying around and was worth getting painted up to join a Fusilier Core link when needed... 

Onto practical things that will be in some lists and not others, I picked up the Nisses blister, containing a Nisse Hacker and a Nisse HMG. The HMG is the "traditional" pick here, and likely to be the one taken more often. However, the Nisse Hacker can complete an incredible number of Classified Objectives, so is a solid pick in missions like Countermeasures.

I also picked up the Tiger Soldier blisters. I already have the Tiger Soldier Hacker for when I want a drop troop to push buttons in a mission, but sometimes you want them to do some killing. With a choice between a Boarding Shotgun and a Spitfire, there's both the cheap and cheerful version, and the fancy expensive option. They won't be every list, but I definitely want to give them both a run to see which I like.

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