Monday 16 May 2022

Shasvastii Noctifer with Spitfire

I was away last weekend meeting up with family, but I managed to finish this Shasvastii Noctifer for Infinity the weekend before after I'd taken that week's blog pictures. He's an old sculpt, painted up with the usual zenithal undercoat, contrast paints and drybrushing that makes up my Shasvastii scheme.

From a gaming perspective, I've never tried the Noctifer Spitfire. Most people take the Noctifer Missile Launcher, who is an ambush piece, primarily for the reaction phase. The Spitfire is a medium range gun with a high rate of fire, so is far more aggressive. Now I've got one painted up, I really should give him a run out at least once to see what he's like . . .

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