Friday 3 February 2023

How January Went

January has started out OK, getting 3 miniatures painted. Corax Hasht joined my Shasvastii, while a Gnoll Ravager joined my D&D minis and Krystyna Skarbek came off my backlog of random minis.

Now, it turns out that in January 2022, I was super productive blitzing a bunch of painting for an upcoming tournament. Fast forward to January 2023, and I've been spending a whole bunch of my hobby time eBaying off excess miniatures and finishing up assembling miniatures that were half done.

I don't think that's a bad use of time, although it's a lot less "bloggable" than nicely painted miniatures. I am spending a lot of time tidying away or selling miniatures I've bought that I'm not planning on using in the near future.

The goal is to really strike an equilibrium between buying things, assembling things and painting things. Short of stopping, selling everything I own and starting again, I'm not going to instantly correct my past decisions where I've bought more than I can assemble and assembled more than I can paint. That is now the goal to be working towards.

As a consequence of the comparatively slow January, my recent assembly blitz, and my rolling 12 month tracking, I've currently got more "ready to paint" than I could reasonably expect to get painted in a year...

So, what will I be focusing on this month? I want to get this Terrain Crate painted and done as a bit of a morale boosting simple project. I've got the Horus Heresy test paints sitting that I want to get something done on but I don't expect I'll get them finished this month. Probably the test bases.

If the painting with the Terrain Crate goes well I really want to get into getting my Sphinx painted for the Mayacast Masterglass painting competition. However, the deadline for that is the end of March, and I won't be able to show any photos on the blog until the competition posts the photos in April. That both gives me some flexibility, but also means you won't see any progress shots of it in the meantime...

I keep looking at the Dungeon Fiends models I've got, but given I'm getting out more - I'm off to St Albans Smackdown this month, for example - I think it's probably unrealistic to try and aim for that as well.

I also the whole bundle of small palate / palette cleansers I have stacked up that it would be good to get some movement on. If I can get two or three finished, that will feel pretty positive.

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