Wednesday 8 February 2023

Pre-Painted Wizkids Miniatures - Some Iconic Monsters

On a whim, I've picked up a few of the Wizkids pre-painted miniatures. Broadly, I'm not a fan of them, as I really don't rate either their build or paint quality, but there were a few I thought it was worthwhile me picking up.

First up are these Eberron models. On the left, there's a Living Lightning spell from the Mourning. The other two are different types of Quori - psychic nightmare spirits who plot against the living in elaborate political schemes. The see through plastic was a big motivator for getting these, along with the fact that the monsters are all created for the Eberron setting so don't really have generic alternatives available.

I wouldn't have gotten a Modron on it's own, but because I was getting some other things and it's such an iconic Forgotten Realms D&D monster, it'll be a fun summoned addition to some combats. It's not really a monster I'll get a ton of use out of, but it's such a weird era model from D&D...

Apparently the "invisible alternatives" models haven't been particularly popular. But I have both a Mind Flayer and an Ultraloth already, so when they cast their invisibility spells, I can swap out their model to remind people they can't see them...

Finally, we have some Spelljammer Nonsense. There's a Plasmoid Adventurer, whose semi see through nature would be an absolute faff to paint yourself. He's joined by a Chwinga riding a Space Guppy - some absolute silliness that would be hard to find an alternative miniature for, so worth the low quality sculpt in case you need one.

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