Wednesday 1 February 2023

Work in Progress Wednesday: O-12

The last of my backlogged O-12 models are now ready for paint. I've been putting off this work for ages, so I get to tick off an item from the half finished jobs list. Here we've got the general release of Katherine Cho and the Defiance version of Saladin. Neither need two sculpts, but as both of my duplicates came in boxes with other models, it does give me a couple of opportunities to get some practice in with my paint scheme.

Next up are some utility pieces. There's a Razor, who can provide a traditional camouflage and hidden deployment specialist in the midfield. There's a camouflage and hidden deployment sniper in the Lynx, and a forward deploying tough model without camouflage in the Crusher. The midfield pieces in O-12 lack a traditional cheap camouflage specialist, so I'm curious what, in practice, I'll end up going for.

O-12 seem to compensate for the game in infiltrators with a wide selection of Combat Jump and Parachutist models. Here we have the general release Delta Doctor, along with the two Defiance Deltas. Its very unlikely I'll ever run three at the same time, but having different sculpts for different load outs gives me plenty of flexibility.

There's an assortment of ALEPH models that you can take in O-12 because of their close ties. I picked up the Dakini support pack as part of the "ALEPH Reinforcement Pack" with the Defiance Kickstarter. This gives me some options for some cheap remotes - an HMG or Sniper that can be boosted with an EVO Hacker or REM Driver, and a fast moving Paramedic.

There were also a couple of Deva Functionaries included with the Reinforcement Pack which give some interesting options for list building. There's also another sculpt for Hippolyta, who got incredibly good when she got an N4 upgrade to gain a second wound. She's pricey, but I definitely want to give her an outing or two to try her out.

Finally, there's a couple of mercenaries - a Bounty Hunter and Armand Le Muet. Cheap line troops are always useful to have, so the Bounty Hunter may see a little play, while Armand joins quite a crowded line up of excellent snipers so may not see quite so much gameplay.

I've got my last order of O-12 for a while in. I've found in test lists I desperately need cheap orders so I needed to pick up a couple more Remotes for the seven point Kytta Remotes. To bring it up to a sensible assembly batch, I've grabbed the Alpha, a Cyberghost, Parvati, Andromeda and Hector, along with the new Gangbuster Hacker sculpt to reduce my proxying. They'll be off to assembly with Agnes the pilot (who I found sculling around the bottom of a Defiance box) once they arrive. 

This leaves me with pretty much all the utility pieces I need to swap in and out. There's an assortment of bits and pieces still to get - an assortment of mercenaries, alternative attack pieces and niche profiles - but I think I'll be able to write plenty of viable lists to learn with for now.

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