Wednesday 15 February 2023

Pre-Painted Wizkids Miniatures - Spooky Things

This week, lets look at the various spooky things I picked up from the Wizkids pre-painted line. Again, I'm taking advantage of the see through models here.

First up, these are three "thug" miniatures from the Ravenloft line. They're clearly ghost thugs, and they're a little less medieval than some other options. These generic "civilian" see through people could easily be used as shadows, ghosts or other incorporeal undead depending on what I need to bulk out at the time.

Here, I've got a banshee, a ghost, a skulk and a spectre. The odd one out here is the skulk, which is a human who's been drained of identity by the Shadowfell until they've become invisible. The other three are just varying takes on myths of ghosts and other folk tales. There's nothing special, but it's a good selection for me to use in games.

Finally, I grabbed a Nightmare. It's a larger monster who can work as a steed or ally to a big villain.

You possibly can't see this in the photo, but there's a couple of poor joints in this model. Fortunately the darker nature of the model conceals this somewhat. I could probably find and paint a good "evil horse" but most likely come with a rider for wargaming rather than a separate steed that's more useful for D&D.

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