Wednesday 13 September 2023

D&D Minis: Critical Role and Other Monsters

I picked up a few large Wizkids monsters recently, and thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on them. Some of these monsters are at the higher end of the challenge rating scale, so are likely to be encounters for the latter end of campaigns...

First up, the Androsphinx is a terrifying opponent which won't really be a suitable challenge for players until their highest levels. However, its entirely possible that it could be sought out as an ally or sponsor. The idea that it's locked to a particular location and thus may need assistance from those who can travel from location to location makes it quite a good option as a quest giver.

The Gem Stalker is the weaker of the monsters here, suitable for low to middle level characters. It's a weird creature made by gem dragons to act as their servants. The white circle shows its mechanical base size - a tendency I'm really not fond of in the Wizkids miniatures, but I guess I'll have to live with.

Moving on to some Critical Role miniatures, the Adranach is a huge construct made by magicians. It's a mid to high level threat, and has lots of the weird mechanics that Matt Mercer has a tendency of coming up with. It's another great option for being an ally's companion or employed by an enemies.

Continuing my recent trend for creepy tree monsters, the Wraithroot Tree is a high level threat, infused with necromantic magic to act as a guard for an area or item. It gives me a different look of tree to my recent Runewars miniatures so I have some options.

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