Friday 22 September 2023

Wizkids Pathfinder Monsters

I've had a whole bunch of Wizkids miniatures sitting around waiting for paint for ages. I decided it was unlikely they'd make it to the front of my queue, so I asked Brushchewer to get them painted. These sculpts, erm, aren't very good. Sorry Brushchewer!

This set are for Pathfinder - a Cultist and a Devil, and a pair of Doppelgangers.

I thought I'd write a few thoughts about using cultists and devils in Pathfinder, although I haven't had a chance of playing Pathfinder yet. So I went to look up Devils and Cultists in Pathfinder . . . and none of their devils look like the model, and their official Cultist stat block doesn't use magic.

So really, these are generic "baddy horrible floaty humanoid" and "baddy spellcaster" than a particular stat block. But both are good reliable stalwarts that you'll be able to fit into a bunch of fights.

Doppelgangers are a pretty well established trope baddy to use in fantasy RPGs. You want to be careful to give ways of players working things out before the reveal rather than just play an undetectable gotcha, but there's a good bunch of options for them.

In Pathfinder, Doppelgangers are a level 3 threat, so something players are likely to see in the earlier part of a longer campaign. The could be a hidden surprise as part of a more complicated plot, a mastermind of a scheme, or a lead to a next arc as players discover a henchperson of the villain was actually some kind of spy or infiltrator...

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