Monday 25 September 2023

Infinity - Learning Nomads for ITS 15

My friend Riker was looking for a practice game of Infinity, so I threw together a list for Supremacy out of the ITS 15 mission pack. I wasn't happy with the list going into the game - I felt I hadn't got the balance right and that it didn't have enough good long range guns. However, I ran out of time to fiddle with the make up of the list further so went in with the list I had.

Riker was bringing White Banner, as he was going to a tournament the following weekend and hadn't played in a few months. I won the Lieutenant roll and chose deployment, leaving Riker to choose turn order.

I covered most of my approaches with Repeaters - Robin Hook covered the right flank, while a Moran Maasai covered the centre. I had a Reaktion Zond in the centre with a servant remote nearby to recover it if need be.

On the left, I had the Intruder deployed far edge on the left flank. I held back from the centre of the board on this flank, as a QAZ Creature was hiding behind the centre pillar. I had a Libertos set up here to act as a road block to attacks on this flank, as well as Billie sitting out with his flash pulse.

Unfortunately, the left flank wasn't covered well enough, as a Shaolin monk (played here by Liang Kai) managed to get up to the Intruder and forced her to reveal. I brought my Morlock up at the start of my first turn to try and clear the Shaolin, but had misjudged placement and the Intruder was caught in the blast of the chain rifle and went down, taking out my only long gun.

The two Long Ya remotes of Riker's list were an absolute nightmare to deal with. My Libertos had a swing at taking one out, but while it went down, the engineer was close enough to revive it. These ARO remotes are an absolute bargain and I am a little jealous of Yu Jing for having them.

On the right flank, the Beast Hunter gave the Daoying and the Shang Ji HMG a bit of a scare with the Heavy Flamethrower before being taken out, before Robin Hook, under the cover of an Eclipse Grenade, got them both into Repeater range.

Unfortunately, some good BTS rolls meant I wasn't able to land an inhibiting hit on either of the heavy infantry. I returned the favour as Robin had rolled +4 ARM as her Booty roll and became an absolute nightmare to clear.

In the end, I lost handily as I wasn't able to clear the wide range of ARO pieces on the board to advance. The list definitely needed another long range high burst gun to clear problems - I also need to think about making sure all avenues of advance are covered. Riker commented that the Nomad repeater coverage was incredibly intimidating, which I'm happy with as that's intended.

More games are needed to really dial in what I want to use, but I'm loving playing around with the various profiles Nomads have available to them. I haven't quite got things right yet, but I'm excited by the possibilities...

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