Wednesday 27 September 2023

Work in Progress Wednesday: Otherworld Miniatures

I used a bit of my time off to sort out the undercoating on this batch of Otherworld Miniatures. They had an overstock sale on (and currently still do for an interesting assortment of minis), so I picked up an assortment of the models on sale at the time.

I really love the old school aesthetic of Otherworld. On reflection, I shouldn't really have picked these up - I could have spent the prep time on these finishing painting something else instead. But the love of these sculpts got away from me this time...

First up, some antagonists. The model on the left is a "bouncer", but could also work as a bandit, mugger or thug without a problem. The Gnoll Chieftain is a great imposing figure and can act as a good end boss for a smaller adventure, or named henchman for a more powerful villain. Meanwhile, on the right, we have an "evil cleric" who has a lot of potential, whether as a member of a rival adventuring party or joining the villainous henchman category.

Next up is a female rogue, a barbarian and a female dwarf. The barbarian being at rest means he can work as a merchant from nomadic northern tribes as well as a PC. The other two are great generic models that might suit a character, an antagonist or an ally. I love using models like this as bandits and villain hirelings because it looks like every one of them has a personal back story.

On the more magical front, we have a cleric with a flail and a wizard, who definitely looks like a less experienced spellcasting type. I'm still not a fan of the use of crosses with Otherworld's clerics, but I think you can work around it. Unless you're running a setting where the PCs are very unusual, I feel like your antagonists should also have access to spellcasters of one sort or another, so like the other purchases, these can do double duty as antagonists as well as options for player characters.

A couple of blacksmiths never go amiss for civil life scenes. You may not always run a combat in town, but I have a deep fondness for civilian models of all types.

Finally, these two models are advertised as brigands, but the personality of them remains so strong they could easily end up being someone's PC or an ally. I'd kind of assumed the one with a spear was a dwarf, but he is quite tall for that compared to the other miniatures - he's clearly bending over in his pose. So I'm unsure if he's actually a dwarf, or just a bearded human with a spear...

Now to see whether or not I can make up for the impulse purchase and actually get them painted some time soon . . . 


  1. Otherworld miniatures is easily my favourite range. You got a great selection there should be a lot of fun to paint up.

    1. Yeah, for D&D stuff I really love their whole aesthetic. It'll be a little bit before I get to painting these - I have a few other bits and pieces on the paint table at the moment I should finish up first. :)