Monday 11 September 2023

Last of the Oathsworn Dwarves and Endsong

I finished up the last of the Oathsworn Dwarves. She's ended up a little pale skinned, but I reckon it still works for her. It is just a tabletop quality paint job, but getting the last few bits and pieces finished up was a really good feeling.

Meanwhile, "Endsong", the latest Infinity book, has arrived. Infinity books these days are just background books, updating the lore and future history of the setting. They're paired with new miniature releases and new free rules released online. The pre-order bundle this time around included Maximus and a Caskuda, an Exrah and a Bakunin HVT. I'll be selling off Maximus as none of my factions use him, but the rest will be seeing service with my Combined Army or Nomads...

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